Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings (Threads, #1) by Sophia Bennett

Jun 30, 2013

Sequins, Secrets, and Silver Linings, Sophia Bennett (Chicken House, 2011)
Length: 304 pages (hardcover)
Genre: Children's Books
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Nonie's a freak for fashion. Eco-conscious Edie blogs to save the world--and get into Harvard. Starter-starlet Jenny just landed a small part in a big Hollywood blockbuster.
When they meet a Ugandan refugee girl who's an amazing designer, the three trendy London teens--and Crow, the incredible fashion designer-- combine their talents to raise awareness for the crisis of the Night Walking children.

{adapted from Goodreads summary}


I had mixed feelings about this book.

I didn't like the cover design.

I know, I know, very superficial of me, but I sincerely doubt that either Nonie, Crow, Jenny, or Granny would approve of this book cover.

Anyway, "don't judge a book by its cover" right?

I don't believe that the world Sophia Bennett spins is very believable. Look, there's a girl who's just starred in an absolute Hollywood blockbuster! Plus she's got a famous father!

And ooh, look, there's that twelve-year-old tween from UGANDA who catapulted to huge fashion designer in around six months!!

This might be the life of a couple of rich kids, but as far as we know, Crow is not rich.

I'm not denying Crow the years that she spent studying fashion. But what about Jenny?

Let's see:

According to her best friends, who probably wouldn't lie and turn their backs against their best friend, Jenny

a) is not that good at acting on set (Remember, there was an agent searching for a girl for Kid Code? Jenny did well in Annie.
b) does not AT ALL enjoy being on set OR on tour, especially at awarding events.

There is really no reason at all that Jenny would be on the set of an enormous blockbuster hit, if she doesn't enjoy it at all.

Furthermore, Jenny went and did a screen test for a movie in Hawaii, not even thinking about her best friends she was leaving behind in London, just so she could be with a boy who was not only too old for her, didn't even care for her at all!!

Nonie, I think, was the most developed character in the story, and even then, she wasn't really fleshed out. I felt that the scenes describing Nonie having a "new idea for a minidress, so she took all of her fashion books onto the floor and studied them" could have been elaborated a LOT more.

For example, in the story, Crow is the only one portrayed as having any real fashion success. In the end, Nonie actually has to be the business coordinator and manager for Crow.

And it just wasn't fair that Nonie's mother kept spending time with Crow and not with Nonie, as Edie had pointed out.

I also felt that Jenny had been very unattached from the other two while abroad. They couldn't really be best friends, could they?!??!?!?

Just kidding. But still.

I didn't understand why Edie put what Nonie and Jenny were wearing onto her "Saving the Environment and Invisible Children are Important!" website.

There was no reason, besides that she found it interesting, which I'm pretty sure she didn't. Edie was always the straightforward, honest, and, according to Nonie, boring one. She doesn't have a lot of style, based on the descriptions of her clothing choices. So there's no reason why Edie would be interested in her friends' clothing choices.

And why in the world did Nonie get upset when Edie was trying to design a logo for a T-shirt?!?!?!?!?!

It's a T-shirt, Nonie!!!!!!

They are really quite un-fashionable!

At least the commercially-produced-for-merchandise are. I mean the kind that Edie's trying to sell.

They're just plain T-shirts with logos on them.


Anyway,  ta-ta.

xoxo~ Dana