Girl Out Loud, by Emily Gale

Jul 1, 2013

Girl Out LoudGirl Out Loud by Emily Gale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I actually quite liked this book. I give out 2-star and 3-star ratings literally all the time, but this one made it to 4 :)

Where do I start with this? There were parts of the book I didn't like. But I think I'm a bit of a "hopeless romantic" (I'm not sure if I'm using this correctly), so I dislike reading books about people receiving very harsh treatment or anything like that. Let me elaborate: when a character gets treated unfairly by another, i.e. bullying, child abuse, harassment, etc., it makes me VERY uncomfortable, even if the case is very minor. But I digress.

The reason I mention that is because our main character Kassidy's dad has a sort of disorder. It's not very detailed in the story, and at parts it was so vague that it got to the point where I was wondering if the author even bothered to do any background research at all. But I understand that living with a parent with that disorder would make it hard for Kassidy to talk about it, and I don't blame her, so............that makes it all right.

I don't understand why Char, Izzy, and Kass, not to mention Luke and Cass(ian), all have family problems. Really? Is it that serious in their area? And Kass's family, apparently, has problems with both parents. But I see how living with Kass's dad could have caused her mom to do the things she did. (Trying not to spoil too much here (: )

One thing I really loved about the book was (view spoiler)[ the conflict between Char and Kass about Dream Boy, a.k.a. Cass. (hide spoiler)]

I also loved how, in the end, because of what was going on with their mom, Raff and Kass became closer to each other. It seemed so sweet.

But it also seems impossible how Raff gets away with every. single. thing. he does. Really? That seems really odd, considering how uptight the parents are with Kass, who is two years older.

I wished that there could have been more descriptions of how Kass didn't stand up to her father's outrageous demands.

I know that the (view spoiler)[ Gorton's fish sticks (hide spoiler)] incident was one, but then they didn't describe any of the other failed Operation: Stardoms, such as the Mensa IQ Test and Youth Orchestra.

And it was so unfortunate that nobody realized that Kass had tried to rebel against her father, more than once. Deep down inside, she didn't want to let him down, I think, because that might unleash his inner "monster". (Something they refer to as GTD or something that I never quite managed to understand, *shrug*)

Anyway. That's it for this book.

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