Quickie Review: The Wide-Awake Princess

Sep 22, 2013

The Wide-Awake Princess (Wide-Awake Princess, #1)The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So.......... I found out that this has a sequel! Squee~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Anyway. I rather liked this book, even though I found the part about the knight a little more than unbelievable. It's been almost three months since I read this, though, so please forgive my bad memory! Anyway, I always love fairytale retellings, different perspectives, etc. But once in a while I think that it would be fun to have a girly fairy tale heroine... I think that we tend to reward more 'tomboyish' girls nowadays and I'm just like.... what's wrong with girly girls, you know? Like, they don't have to be super 'delicate' and 'fragile', because that's annoying, and I get that. But honestly I wouldn't have thought that Princess Annie would have been the exact opposite of Gwendolyn.

Also. Another thing that bugged me was the thing about Annie that makes her so "special": (view spoiler). It's an..... interesting twist, I suppose, although how that would work I have no clue, because (view spoiler). I would have expected Annie to make a bigger deal out of it, or at least be more concerned that she wasn't as "good" or whatever as Gwen. Instead, Annie is all like, "Lalala I really couldn't care less."

So, that's all I really have to say about this book. A little bit of a disappointment if you ask me, but I would definitely read the sequel, and........ does this series have a third book?

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