Brave New World Chapter Summaries!

Apr 18, 2017

Chapter 6: Dissension
John and Lenina argue about his ideals.

Chapter 7: Culture Shock
Bernar and Lenina arrive at the Savage Reservation, where they meet Linda.

Chapter 8: John's Life
John tells Bernard all about his life on the reservation.

Chapter 9: A Quick Business Trip
Bernard goes off to obtain permission from various officials to bring Linda and John to the new world, while John creepily stalks Lenina.

Chapter 10: Public Humiliation
The Director attempts to publicly shame Bernard, but Bernard brings out his secret weapon: John and Linda.

Chapter 11: Culture Shock Part II
Bernard and Lenina expose John to daily life in the new world.

Chapter 12: John's Newfound Power
John decides not to go to Bernard's important party and makes friends with Helmholtz.

Chapter 13: Passion Clash
Lenina goes to John's house, but their differing ideas about what is appropriate for a burgeoning relationship cause a violent conflict.

Chapter 14: A Dramatic Death
John visits Linda at the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying, where many schoolchildren are having their death-conditioning, and Linda dies.

Chapter 15: Valiance
John attempts to stop a soma-distribution session at the hospital, resulting in a violent and brutal conflict with a group of angry Delta hospital workers.

Chapter 16: The Truth Snakes Out
Helmholtz, John, and Bernard have a meeting with Mustapha Mond about the current state of the world, and Mond reveals that the three of them will be banished to faraway islands.

Chapter 18: John's Life Part II
John attempts to live a solitary life but ends up becoming a celebrity for his violence, and hangs himself.