Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

Jun 16, 2012

Eleanor's life is falling apart. She's already going into third grade, but since her beloved, special babysitter, Bibi Bholasing moved away, she has been sad and angry. Her parents have hired a new babysitter, Nancy, but the way Nancy does things is very different from Bibi's way. Eleanor refuses to do anything that reminds her of Bibi, and many things remind her of Bibi.

We could not call Grandma Sadie, either.
Because Grandma Sadie
Would ask me about Bibi.
We could not go to Roma Pizza.
Because Bibi loved Roma Pizza.
So Roma Pizza reminded me of Bibi.
We could not ride my bike.
Because Bibi helped pick out my bike.
So my bike reminded me of Bibi.
We could not go swimming at the gym.
Because Bibi was scared of swimming.
So swimming reminded me of Bibi. 

Entering third grade serves as a transition into her acceptance of Nancy's ways. At school, she writes a poem entitled "Love Is..." Her definition of "love" centers around Bibi and Nancy.

Her third grade teacher indirectly, unknowingly helps Eleanor realize that she is able to move on, and the book closes with her best friend, Pearl, meeting Nancy and all of them having a great time.

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