Morning Girl

Aug 12, 2012

 Recently I saw on another blog (So Many Books So Little Time) a different format to review so I guess I'll try it here today.

Michael Dorris, published in 1992. 74 pages.
Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction
First sentence:

The name my family calls me is Morning Girl because I wake up early, always with something on my mind.

Last sentence: I knew they were real.

Why I Read This Book: Two days ago, while browsing for a quick and light read, I found this mysteriously titled book on the battered shelves of the school library. It's a small volume, small enough that I, who I consider to be a rather fast reader, can finish it in about 40 minutes. Additionally, it has an intriguing title.

Summary: Morning Girl is a young Taino girl who lives with her family on a Bahamian island. It is the year 1492-- all is well; even though sometimes her young brother, Star Boy, behaves foolishly and runs away from home, he is always hiding someplace nearby, waiting, waiting for the starry night sky which he so loves to watch, so different from his sister Morning Girl, who loves to observe and sit still quietly, drinking in the wonderful sight of nobody around, at the most peaceful time of day. All is quiet. All is well. But not for long.

My thoughts about this book: My heart goes out to Morning Girl. I recall a sentence, something that had to do with the newfallen snow. Morning Girl always wakes up very early, savoring the silence of the dawn, but that day, she was happy that nobody had trekked across the perfect smoothness of the surface. I have shared that sentiment many a snowy day. And so my heart goes out to Morning Girl.

I did not particularly enjoy the scene where Star Boy behaved foolishly by stuffing food into his mouth at a family gathering, and his uncle made fun of him, saying, "I must have heard wrong when I heard you say that you had a grown boy's name," implying that he did not deserve one. I thought personally, that that was really cruel of the uncle and I think that he, of all people, did not deserve to be treated with a lot of respect. What kind of uncle makes fun of his young nephew? Reprimands are acceptable and most likely justified the act, but humiliation, of all things!



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