Tiger Lily#1: A Heroine in the Making!

Oct 26, 2012

A Heroine in the Making (Tiger Lily, #1)
Synopsis and picture from Goodreads:

Tiger Lily is not just fond of reading, she's obsessed! Her head is full-to-bursting with stories of pirates, wonderlands, daring deeds and buried treasure. And now she's had one of her ingenious ideas – she’s going to be a heroine and roam the world in search of adventure!

There's just one problem. Tiger Lily lives in the Middle of Nowhere where NOTHING EVER HAPPENS! How will she ever escape…?
  • It was utterly unconvincing when Tiger Lily’s mum said, “Reading is making you mad… do anything you like, but DO NOT READ!”
  • A more convincing idea might be to use a device, such as saying, “Or else no pocket money for a week,” etc.

    • I had a problem with the town being named "the Middle of Nowhere." I mean, I know this must be the author's way of reaching out to get more giggles, but to me it just sounds fake and a bit desperate, too. I would certainly NOT have this issue had the town been named, for example, Peace Falls, and Tiger Lily CALLED it "The Middle of Nowhere."

    • I loved the mini book reviews scattered throughout the book, and they even introduced me to "The Story of Romulus and Remus"!

    • I was a bit unnerved by how Tiger Lily seems not to have been bothered by a guilty conscience, such as when she breaks into Sweetness and Light's shop. I really do wonder if she believes or half-believes the fantasies she invents about the people living in her village?