Quickie Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Mar 11, 2014

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Today's book review is about Stardust by Neil Gaiman~!

Interestingly enough, Stardust is a fantasy book... I normally don't divulge into the fantasy section, because I just tend to dislike them more... But recently, due to my 2014 Book Resolutions, I decided to branch out more.

This turned out to be a great choice in the context of this book! Stardust, while having a slow style, was very engaging. The plot was quite exciting too!

However, to the book's demerit, the characters seemed distant and badly characterized, especially the "minor characters." (By which I mean: the witch, Lord Septimus & Co,...) Those characters aren't really minor minor characters, as they do come up fairly often, but they were quite hard to connect with / relate to, or even to understand their motivations at all. This made it boring and monotonous to read those portions of the book regarding them, and therefore I skipped those sections of the book (hehe).

Sorry for Quickie-Reviewing on you guys again~. I have a nice post half way written already and it's a (gasp!) full review!!! Stay on the lookout for that, and it will come soon! (Next week? Or later?)

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